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Why our System
Remote Menu Update
Useable Menu Web Address
Easy to use & Edit
Just Plug & Play
Menu Auto start
Disregards WIFI Signal Drops
Downloads and Displays a full Webage from a Local Directory
Vertical & Horizontal Screens Support
Dynamic Design
Video Support
Picture slideshow Support
Reliable System and Service
4GB Cloud Space
Transforms any TV into a Digital Sign
No Monthly Charge
  • Menu Display
DMB Digital Signage Adapts to various industries, Providing unique and endless possibilities
Entertainment & Recreation
Travel & Tourism
Hospitality & Lodging
Worship & Outreach
Health & Fitness
Education & Learning
Finance & Law
Corporate & Industry
Retail & Service
Restaurant & Bar (QSR)
Directional Signs
Way finding Signs
  • Easy To Update Html Digital Menu,
LED sign
  • Food Courts Menu Boards
Affordable California Digital Signs
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Professional Image Design
(png or jpg)  $67
Professional Image Design
(Animated gif)  $97
Professional Menu Video Design  $147
Professional Dynamic HTML
1 page Webpage  $147
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